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With a nearly century-long history, the brand has become synonymous with exceptional footwear crafted in America. As the company approaches its 100th anniversary, they take great pride in the expertise accumulated over nine decades that is infused into each pair of their shoes and boots. From the beginning, the brand has prioritized innovation, introducing responsive cork insoles as a groundbreaking alternative to traditional metal nails and shanks. This forward-thinking approach quickly garnered a loyal following among those seeking lighter, more comfortable dress shoes.

Following their success, the brand supplied footwear to the US Army and Navy during World War II, earning the admiration of returning soldiers who experienced the remarkable quality of their shoes and boots overseas. Over the years, the brand's iconic styles like the Park Avenue and Strand oxfords have become enduring best-sellers, cherished by individuals across generations. The act of being fitted for their first pair of dress shoes became a meaningful rite of passage shared between fathers and sons, solidifying the brand's place in their lives.

While dress shoes remain integral to their identity, the brand's commitment to adaptability and anticipating future demands has led to the expansion into versatile, casual designs and office-approved sneakers. This evolution aims to meet the needs of contemporary consumers while upholding the brand's commitment to quality, integrity, and honesty that have defined their products since their inception. Whether it's traditional or modern styles, customers can always rely on the brand's unwavering dedication to crafting footwear that stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship and enduring appeal.