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Richard Weatherford, a passionate bookseller, recognized the potential of computer databases in the antiquarian book business. In 1982, he developed a business plan for Interloc, an online database for rare book sellers. Despite initial challenges in securing startup capital, Interloc went live in 1993, becoming the first successful online service for booksellers. Interloc facilitated the transfer of book listings and pioneered a system to match customer requests with available books.

In 1991, Dick was hired by Faxon to salvage BookQuest, an early online database for antiquarian booksellers. Although BookQuest failed, it revived Dick's vision for Interloc. With the growing prevalence of computer usage, he raised funds from supportive booksellers and launched Interloc, connecting sellers and providing a platform to locate rare books. Interloc's success relied on their innovative approach, such as utilizing modems and a pioneering system for matching customer requests with available books.

The success of Interloc led Dick and his colleague Marty to create a new company, Alibris. Through strategic partnerships and marketplace solutions, Alibris operates as a vibrant independent marketplace for books, music, and movies. Alibris focuses on online sales, eBooks, and used/out-of-print media, providing a platform that connects independent sellers with global buyers. Today, Alibris continues to thrive as a dynamic force in the ever-evolving landscape of media commerce.