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YorkTest is a reputable health and wellness company with over 40 years of experience and scientific expertise in offering home-to-laboratory tests. They are dedicated to providing effective health and wellness advice and support. Their comprehensive range of tests, including food intolerance, allergy, and health tests, aims to empower individuals to gain a better understanding of their health, take control, and optimize their overall well-being.

At YorkTest, every test goes through meticulous checks at key stages of the laboratory process to ensure accuracy. They maintain and calibrate their testing equipment to the highest standards and carefully scrutinize the test results before releasing them to customers. By employing the latest information technology in their laboratory processes, YorkTest ensures the utmost precision in test outcomes.

The laboratory analysis for food intolerance, allergy, and health tests is conducted by trained and qualified scientists at the YorkTest laboratory. For certain health tests, accredited laboratory partners are involved in the process. Throughout the entire testing process, YorkTest prioritizes the confidentiality of each customer's test by assigning a unique tracking number, thereby safeguarding personal information.

In addition to providing test results, YorkTest offers comprehensive support information to help individuals maintain optimum health. Customers who undergo food and drink-specific IgG tests also receive personalized one-to-one advice from qualified Nutritional Therapists, ensuring adequate support for dietary changes. YorkTest's commitment to accuracy, confidentiality, and holistic support makes them a trusted partner in improving individuals' health and well-being.