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With a history tracing back to 1840, this company has been a steadfast protector of homes and a purveyor of peace of mind. The journey began in a modest lockshop in the United States, where Linus Yale crafted his inaugural lock innovation. Over the years, the company has transitioned from a mechanical trailblazer to a trailblazer in the realm of connected, intelligent locks and home security. Anchored in trust, expertise, and legacy, their brand is synonymous with durable, high-quality products, a legacy that extends across more than 120 global markets.

Their driving passion revolves around enhancing the daily lives of individuals, regardless of their location. A secure home lays the foundation for unhindered enjoyment of life and heightened productivity. Their mission revolves around simplifying day-to-day routines, making the ordinary extraordinary.

A commitment to leadership underscores their ethos, grounded in attentive listening and engagement. With a global presence spanning over 120 countries, they engage with people from all walks of life, understanding their aspirations, dreams, and requirements. Embracing diverse perspectives, they cater to those intrigued by cutting-edge technology, those who value privacy, and those seeking dependable locking solutions. This inherent understanding of their customers' priorities forms the bedrock of their operations.

While renowned for their mechanical locks that have safeguarded countless homes, this company's evolution marches in step with the contemporary landscape. Melding their time-honored expertise with cutting-edge technology, they seamlessly integrate their knowledge into a suite of smart locks, cameras, and security offerings, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of today's dynamic world.