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Founded by Lyn Thompson in 1996, Whistlefish is a beloved card and art brand that has become synonymous with Cornwall. Lyn, an ambitious and talented artist with a deep love for florals and animals, nurtured the company into a thriving business with 12 shops across South West England.

Whistlefish embraces the beauty of everyday life in an extraordinary way, bringing the joy of Cornwall into homes everywhere through their stunning, sustainable cards, art, and gifts, all at affordable prices. Lyn's journey began while serving in the Royal Navy, attending craft fairs in Cornwall to sell her hand-painted cards. Her intricate pressed and painted floral designs quickly gained popularity, and she expanded her offerings to include dried flowers alongside her cards.

With a £3500 loan from The Prince's Trust in 1996, Lyn established Milkwood Publishing, setting up a small studio in Helston. She produced her first print run of six designs and invested in a phone fax machine. In 1997, Lyn opened her inaugural shop, "The Whistlefish Gallery," in St Ives, inspired by the small fish found in the town's rockpools. As the years went by, Whistlefish experienced rapid growth, necessitating larger spaces and the addition of talented artists to collaborate on creating beautiful artwork.

Whistlefish's journey is a testament to Lyn's passion, dedication, and artistic vision. Today, the brand continues to capture the spirit of Cornwall and share it with the world, making art accessible and bringing joy to countless homes with their range of high-quality, affordable products.