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With over 3 years of experience in lovingly restoring phones and 11 years of connecting customers to their beloved tech, the team behind this company has become experts in their field. While they may not have been around as long as the iconic Nokia 3310, they have worked with almost every iteration of the iPhone. In 2016, they had a revelation amidst the frenzy of product launches and technological advancements: not everyone rushes to get the newest model, and what happens to the old devices?

Recognizing the staggering number of connected devices worldwide, estimated to reach 38.6 billion by 2025 and possibly 50 billion by 2030, this company embarked on a mission to change consumer habits and promote circular thinking. Instead of discarding older devices when new ones arrive, they encourage customers to join their Circle. By extending the lifespan of existing devices and reducing electronic waste, they aim to make a positive impact on the environment and carbon footprint. With a passionate team of 20 individuals, they prioritize sustainability and offer a price match guarantee, along with initiatives like tree planting, to provide customers with more reasons to choose refurbished devices.

Their dedication to preserving the planet while connecting people to the technology they love sets them apart. By embracing a circular economy, they strive to create a world where devices are loved, used, and returned, contributing to a sustainable and greener future. With their expertise and commitment to reducing electronic waste, this company is redefining consumer buying habits and inspiring a new way of appreciating and reusing tech products.