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Sustainable bamboo toothbrushes with beautiful design.
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Truthbrush is a brand that prioritizes honesty and transparency above all else. Founded by Catherine and Catherine, a fashion buyer and an NHS doctor, the company is built on the belief in doing things the right way and embracing complete openness. Their mission is to combine sustainable bamboo toothbrushes with beautiful design, creating a better alternative to disposable plastic brushes that contribute to environmental pollution.

In 2017, the inspiration for Truthbrush came from a disappointing experience with a flimsy plastic toothbrush received at a hotel. This realization sparked the idea that there must be a better way to brush—one that aligns with their commitment to living a more considered and sustainable life. The founders understand the importance of making sustainable habits feel good and believe that beautiful products can also be eco-friendly.

Operating as an all-woman team, Truthbrush values the human aspect of business and embraces the demands of family life. They strive for a human-scale approach, staying focused, efficient, and mindful of creating a better future for their children. The company rejects shortcuts and instead quietly disrupts the oral care industry through ethical innovation. They are dedicated to being truthful about their journey and continuously improving as technology advances.

Above all, Truthbrush is passionate about being part of the positive change toward a cleaner world. By brushing with their beautiful bamboo toothbrushes, customers can take a step toward cleaner teeth and a planet that is more gentle and sustainable. The brand's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and a kinder way of doing business resonates with those who seek ethical choices in their everyday lives.