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Founded in 1999 by serial entrepreneur Roger and aromatherapy expert Sakina, the company was born out of a vision to create exquisite luxury toiletries at honest prices. Originally, they focused on producing body care for other companies, but their success led to the development of their own distribution range. Building brand awareness through Trade Fairs worldwide and fostering valuable customer relationships, the company has earned recognition with prestigious business and design awards, including the Queens Award.

With an understanding that budgets differ, they offer a diverse range of price points and have their own manufacturing facility, Serendipity, in South Africa, supporting the local community. They take pride in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products they genuinely cherish and would gladly share with their loved ones.

Recently, they have expanded their operations by opening a soap manufacturing facility in Somerset, reducing their carbon footprint and embracing sustainability. Honesty about their ingredients and a commitment to using natural extracts wherever possible characterize their approach. They passionately oppose animal cruelty and conduct all testing in-house.

Their designs span from classic to contemporary with attention to every detail, making their products stand out as both beautiful and thoughtful. Embracing their British heritage, the company finds inspiration in the picturesque countryside that surrounds them, making their creations truly special.