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Social Stories Club is a certified social enterprise gifting company co-founded by Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal. Their mission is to create a future where every business is driven by a social mission and where every purchase contributes to positive impact. They curate sustainable hampers filled with high-quality products that support various social causes, such as reforestation, empowering individuals with disabilities, and promoting girls' education in tea growing regions.

Their vision is to introduce the world to social enterprises and raise awareness of the incredible work they do. Social Stories Club aims to educate people about social enterprise and inspire them to support these businesses through their unique and meaningful gifts. They include a story booklet with each sustainable hamper, allowing recipients to learn about the positive social impact created by their purchase.

Not only do they prioritize social impact through their gifts, but they also lead by example. Social Stories Club offers job opportunities to individuals facing barriers to employment, paying them the Living Wage and providing training opportunities. Their goal is to provide 100,000 hours of employment to individuals in Scotland who are furthest from the labor market, furthering their mission of creating social change.

Social Stories Club is a social enterprise gifting company founded on the belief that every purchase can make a difference. They aim to introduce the world to social enterprises and their impactful work through their curated sustainable hampers. By offering job opportunities, paying fair wages, and offsetting carbon emissions, they lead by example and strive to create a future where social enterprises flourish and societal challenges are addressed through the power of conscious consumerism.