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As the largest second-hand clothing seller in the UK, Preworn has made a significant impact since its establishment in 2019. It all began with the listing of clothing purchased from a local charity shop, and the company quickly grew from there. Preworn's mission is to prevent clothing from ending up in landfills, and to date, they have saved an impressive 600 tonnes of used clothing each year.

Recognizing that 85% of unwanted clothing is still in excellent condition and can be given a new lease on life, Preworn plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and reducing waste. They offer a wide selection of high-quality second-hand clothing at unmatched prices, ensuring that customers can find items they love while also making environmentally conscious choices.

With a commitment to re-wearing and re-loving clothing, Preworn strives to provide a reliable and accessible platform for individuals to shop for pre-owned garments. By embracing the concept of circular fashion, Preworn encourages a more sustainable and responsible approach to clothing consumption.