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Chris and Claire, a couple from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, are the driving force behind PreNEXT, a unique clothing business born out of personal circumstances. After Chris received medical advice to pursue a career change in December 2022, the couple sought a solution that would benefit their four children. Despite not finding anything suitable, the idea for PreNEXT took shape thanks to the support and generosity of Claire's mother. 

With a vision to revolutionize the way people buy and exchange clothing, Chris and Claire opened their physical store in Liscard, Wirral, in late January 2023. Originally planning to launch their online store by summer 2023, they were overwhelmed by the incredible response to their concept. As a result, they expedited the launch of their online platform, making it available to customers in May 2023.

Chris and Claire's dedication to providing a convenient and sustainable clothing solution has been the driving force behind PreNEXT's success. Their unique business model and commitment to customer satisfaction have resonated with people looking for a new approach to shopping. With their store and online platform, they aim to redefine the way people engage with fashion, offering a diverse range of clothing options that cater to different tastes and needs.