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PitPat is a pioneering company dedicated to connecting dogs to the digital world. With their innovative use of cutting-edge technology, PitPat strives to enhance the well-being of dogs and provide valuable insights to owners and pet care brands. By utilizing the latest advancements, PitPat enables a deeper understanding of dogs, ensuring their happiness and health—a concept that dogs readily embrace.

Through PitPat, dog owners can gain comprehensive knowledge about their furry companions. The device allows tracking of various aspects such as location, exercise, feeding, weight, rest, play, and more. With a capacity to store up to 10 days' worth of activity data, PitPat ensures that every moment is captured. By simply pressing the orange "fetch data" button, all the gathered information is seamlessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the free PitPat app. This data is then permanently stored, empowering owners to effortlessly monitor and engage with their dogs.

PitPat's dedication to bridging the gap between technology and pet care is at the forefront of their mission. By offering this innovative solution, PitPat enables a stronger bond between dogs and their owners while revolutionizing the way dogs are understood and cared for in the digital age.