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PAYNTR™, founded by ex-professional cricketer David Edward Paynter and the great-grandson of England Ashes Legend Eddie Paynter, is a brand deeply rooted in the rich heritage of cricket. Fueled by frustration with the existing cricket footwear options, Dave embarked on a mission to design a running-style shoe specifically tailored to withstand the demands of cricket, while prioritizing comfort and style, which he believed were lacking in the current market.

Eddie Paynter, Dave's esteemed great-grandfather, played a pivotal role in England's triumphant comeback during the iconic 1932/33 "Bodyline" Ashes Series. Despite battling severe tonsillitis, Eddie defied the odds and propelled England to victory. In the fourth test at The Gabba, he made a bold move, leaving the hospital against medical advice. Armed with a few aspirins and a glass of champagne, he displayed extraordinary resilience, scoring an unbeaten 83 runs. In the second innings, Eddie hit the winning runs, securing England's retention of the Ashes. His remarkable feat made him the first person to clinch a test and Ashes series victory with a six.

Eddie's legacy endures, as he holds the second-highest all-time test batting average for an Englishman (59.23) and the seventh-highest globally. Notably, he maintained an astonishing average of 84.42 against Australia, a record unmatched by any other Englishman with a minimum of 500 runs scored. PAYNTR™ embodies the spirit of cricket and pays homage to its illustrious lineage, creating innovative footwear that combines performance, durability, and style.