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Ordnance Survey takes great pride in its role as a driving force behind Britain's position as a global leader in geospatial knowledge. With a deep-rooted expertise in geospatial data, their primary focus is to provide precise and accurate location information.

For over two centuries, Ordnance Survey has been dedicated to mapping Great Britain, continuously adapting to meet the nation's evolving needs. Their map shop offers access to historical maps, and through partnerships, they offer a wide range of historical products. Innovation lies at the core of their operations, with their experts at the forefront of data collection, maintenance, and distribution. They constantly strive to discover new and relevant ways for customers to maximize the value of their geospatial data.

As custodians of detailed location information for Great Britain, Ordnance Survey meticulously records and updates 500 million geospatial features in their master map, known as the Ordnance Survey (OS) master map. Geospatial information plays a vital role in various aspects of daily life, from navigation systems in cars to mobile applications and property surveys. Ordnance Survey understands the importance of both the visible and invisible data, ensuring the comprehensive coverage of the nation's geospatial landscape.