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Naylors Equestrian has a rich history dating back to 1965 when Derrick Naylor established the business in a former Co-operative shop in Norden, near Rochdale. Over the years, Naylors gained a strong reputation for offering high-quality equestrian products and supplies. In 2007, the business underwent a change in ownership, and it remained family-run until 2020, during which it expanded to three large stores in Rochdale, Nantwich, and Cannock. Alongside the physical stores, the website,, was launched, becoming a platform to provide the best equestrian products to customers worldwide.

At the end of 2020, Naylors embarked on a new era as part of the GO Outdoors family. Despite this change, the commitment to excellent customer service and a unique in-store experience remained paramount. Naylors continues to offer top-quality equestrian products and popular brands that their customers love. As a part of the GO Outdoors group, Naylors plans to introduce concessions in GO Outdoors stores nationwide, further expanding customers' access to their favorite equestrian and riding essentials.

Naylors prides itself on having knowledgeable and passionate staff. Their retail advisors are experienced equestrians, many of whom own horses themselves, enabling them to provide genuine and valuable advice to customers. Whether customers are happy hackers, competitive riders, or outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the countryside, Naylors Equestrian serves as the go-to store for all their equestrian, country, and pet needs. For a fantastic shopping experience and expert guidance, customers can visit Naylors' physical stores, get in touch through a call or email, knowing they will receive assistance from real people with a passion for equestrian life.