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murmur is a homeware collection that aims to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in every home. The purist approach of murmur is reflected in its quiet patterns, soothing colors, and tactile materials, providing a sense of calmness and harmony. Inspired by nature and the world around us, designer Helen draws upon the beauty of the Irish landscape to create captivating collections.

Drawing inspiration from the stunning landscapes of Ireland, murmur's designs and color palettes capture the essence of tranquility. The collection is designed to be a part of everyday life, making meaningful moments with its gentle patterns and soothing hues. The Ballintoy Blue color, named after a village in County Antrim, reflects the deep blue hues of the surrounding environment, while Rose Shell Pink takes inspiration from sea garden flowers and charming cottages. Cloud Grey, inspired by the ever-changing Irish landscape, encapsulates the speckled flint shorelines and sandy beaches.

With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, murmur products are created in their Northern Ireland studio. The attention to detail and the use of subtle sophisticated palettes result in a collection that brings a sense of serenity and calmness to any space. Embracing slowness and the senses, murmur invites you to listen, feel, touch, and relax in the harmonious ambiance it creates.