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Mr Beam is a pioneering European company at the forefront of desktop laser cutter development. With a mission to simplify laser cutting and make it accessible to everyone, they have revolutionized the technology.

Since their inception, Mr Beam has been dedicated to advancing laser cutting technology. In 2019, they successfully introduced the Mr Beam II dreamcut, followed by the upgraded model with a sleek design and faster laser head, known as [S], in October 2021.

With their elegant and user-friendly desktop laser cutter, Mr Beam provides an easy pathway into digital manufacturing. Their innovative solutions align with the growing trend of personalized and customized products. Whether for hobbyists or entrepreneurs, the Mr Beam Lasercutter serves as an ideal entry point to embark on creative projects or establish a small business.

Mr Beam continues to lead the way in democratizing laser cutting, enabling individuals of all backgrounds to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.