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monbento® is a leading brand that has been revolutionizing on-the-go meals since its inception in 2009. With a focus on reducing disposable items and food waste, monbento® offers a wide range of reusable lunch boxes, bottles, and accessories. The brand's partnership with Peugeot Frères Industrie further strengthens its commitment to innovation, elegance, and family values. Together, they strive to internationalize distribution, foster product innovation, and showcase exceptional design.

Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, monbento® is driven by a team of talented designers who create products that combine practicality with style. Their products have garnered international recognition and patent awards, thanks to their keen attention to user needs and trends. With an emphasis on customization, monbento® allows customers to personalize their lunch boxes, making each one as unique as its owner.

monbento® understands that people have diverse lifestyles and activities, so their products cater to a wide range of users, including professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, children, and more. The brand's commitment to durability ensures that their products are made with the highest quality materials, and they also provide a variety of spare parts to prolong the lifespan of their products. Moreover, monbento® actively collaborates with partners to develop sustainable solutions, exemplified by their MB Original Terracotta Recycled lunch box, which repurposes production residues.

monbento® is a forward-thinking brand that aims to transform on-the-go meals with its reusable products. Through its partnership with Peugeot and a steadfast dedication to innovation and user satisfaction, monbento® continues to redefine the concept of mealtime convenience while promoting sustainability and elegant design.