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Founded in the 1960s in Yorkshire, Asda has emerged as a prominent retailer in Britain, known for its extensive network of stores and online services, including supercentres, superstores, supermarkets, Living stores, petrol filling stations, and depots across the UK. Catering to a vast customer base, more than 18 million people shop at Asda every week.

The remarkable story of Asda began almost a century ago in Yorkshire with the union of the Asquith and Stockdale families. Their visionary approach led to a remarkable retail revolution that continues to shape the company's trajectory to this day.

As pioneers in the UK's discount retail sector, Asda's foundation has been rooted in delivering unparalleled value to its customers. By diligently listening to their diverse range of customers and providing what they genuinely need, Asda has maintained its position as a customer-centric enterprise. The company thrives on simplicity and acknowledges the critical role its dedicated colleagues play in making Asda truly exceptional.

Before the formation of Asda, momentous meetings, inspirational partnerships, and bold actions set the stage for its future growth. Originating with just two branches in the 1920s, the early days held immense potential, and little did anyone know then the incredible heights that Asda would reach in the years to come.