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With a rich heritage spanning over 240 years, Mappin & Webb holds a significant place in British history as a distinguished purveyor of silverware and fine jewellery. Combining timeless craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and contemporary design, they have crafted exquisite pieces that have been cherished by affluent British society. From fine jewellery to elegant silverware, watches, glassware, and unique lifestyle accessories, Mappin & Webb has remained at the forefront of British luxury.

The story of Mappin & Webb began in 1775 when Jonathan Mappin established a workshop in Sheffield with a vision to create exquisitely crafted silverware for the British elite. The company soon expanded internationally, receiving Royal Warrants and commissions from monarchs around the world, earning a reputation synonymous with excellence and British craftsmanship. The Mappin hallmark was recorded at the assay office within a year, and Jonathan Mappin was granted the Freedom of the Cutlers Company, an institution established in 1624 to promote Sheffield's expertise in cutlery making.

Joseph Mappin, Jonathan's son, followed in his father's footsteps and continued the family legacy. In 1849, Joseph Mappin opened the first Mappin showroom in London, while his brother, Sir William Mappin, ventured into a senior partnership at Thomas Turton & Sons' steel mill. Joseph's business flourished, and in 1860, John Mappin, Joseph's younger brother, embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey by establishing Mappin & Company. Joined by his brother-in-law George Webb, they opened the first Mappin store on Oxford Street in London.

Throughout the 1890s, Mappin & Webb experienced a period of remarkable expansion. The brand established stores in various international locations, including Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Biarritz, Nice, Lausanne, Vichy, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cairo, and Mumbai. With each new store, Mappin & Webb's reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and luxury grew.

Today, Mappin & Webb continues to uphold its legacy of excellence and British elegance, offering discerning customers a remarkable collection of finely crafted jewellery, silverware, watches, and lifestyle accessories that embody the brand's enduring commitment to quality and craftsmanship.