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ManiLife, founded by Stu in his quest to escape the world of accountancy, is a peanut butter brand that exudes passion and a commitment to delighting people's taste buds. Drawn to Argentina, Stu immerses himself in a peanut butter social enterprise and discovers the incredible versatility and delectable flavor of this nutty delight. Fueled by inspiration, he begins crafting and selling his own peanut butter within the local community.

Why ManiLife? The name derives from the Latin American term for peanut or groundnut, "mani," coupled with the word "life." This combination embodies the brand's core purpose of bringing joy and happiness to people's lives through their lip-smackingly good products.

In 2020, after countless requests to expand nationwide, ManiLife finally seizes a breakthrough opportunity. A prominent supermarket takes a leap of faith in stocking genuine, high-quality peanut butter, and the gamble pays off, solidifying a lasting partnership.

Today, ManiLife has become the preferred peanut butter choice for esteemed bakeries, recipe boxes, renowned restaurants (including Michelin-starred establishments), and acclaimed food brands across the UK. Collaborations with exceptional partners such as Crosstown, Hotel Chocolat, Mindful Chef, Pophams, and Le Bab have further elevated the brand's reputation and reach. ManiLife continues to impress palates and delight discerning food enthusiasts with its extraordinary peanut butter creations.