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Lusso Living, a renowned destination for luxury furniture brands, serves as a premier hub where individuals can discover exquisite pieces from renowned names like Philipp Plein, Eichholtz, Buster + Punch, Boca do Lobo, Luxxu, and more. With a belief that a home reflects one's personality, Lusso Living is dedicated to providing high-end furniture, interior design solutions, kitchens, and appliances.

Recognizing that a home is not only a place to reside but also an expression of one's true self, Lusso Living takes pride in offering top-tier products that enable customers to entertain, relax, and showcase their unique style. The company's commitment to excellence extends beyond product selection, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and fostering happiness in every interaction.

Whether the goal is to transform a personal residence, a boutique hotel, or a commercial space, Lusso Living is well-equipped to assist. As a testament to their dedication to innovation and originality, Lusso Living echoes the sentiment expressed by Philipp Plein, encapsulating their approach as "not your parents' furniture."

Furthermore, Lusso Living actively supports interior designers in their projects by providing trade discounts and ensuring stock availability, facilitating seamless collaborations and exceptional design outcomes. With an unwavering commitment to redefining the retail experience, Lusso Living stands as a trusted partner for those seeking luxury and sophistication in their living spaces.