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Luath Press is a renowned publishing house based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Established in 1981, Luath Press has gained recognition for its commitment to promoting Scottish literature and culture. With a diverse range of titles on various subjects, the brand aims to showcase the rich tapestry of Scotland's history, heritage, politics, and environment.

As a leading publisher, Luath Press prides itself on producing high-quality books that resonate with readers both in Scotland and beyond. The brand's team of experienced editors, designers, and marketers work closely with authors to bring their ideas to life, ensuring each publication maintains the highest standards of content and production value. From fiction and non-fiction to poetry and children's books, Luath Press offers a wide array of meticulously curated titles that captivate and inspire.

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Luath Press is deeply rooted in the Scottish literary scene and actively collaborates with established as well as emerging writers. Through its publishing endeavours, the brand strives to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, fostering a sense of cultural identity and nurturing talent within Scotland's vibrant literary community. Committed to the ethos of accessibility, Luath Press ensures its books are available in various formats, from traditional print to e-books, making them accessible to readers across different platforms and preferences. With a firm belief in the power of literature to educate, entertain, and enlighten, Luath Press continues to be a trusted name in the publishing world, championing Scotland's unique literary heritage.


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