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Power of journaling and planning to enhance one's life.
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Lovendu was established in 2020 by Laura Schmidt, a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing. Drawing from her personal experiences and struggles with mental health, Laura began journaling as a means to improve her own well-being. With a background in psychology and forensic mental health, as well as extensive involvement in mental health awareness initiatives, Laura understands the profound impact of mental well-being on individuals' lives.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura's mental health began to deteriorate rapidly. It was through her own journey of journaling that she discovered its positive effects on self-awareness, sleep quality, and productivity. Recognizing the potential benefits of journaling, Laura aspired to share this powerful tool with others, leading her to establish Lovendu with a modest investment of £10.

Laura firmly believes in the transformative power of journaling and planning to enhance one's life. Despite the daily challenges posed by her mental health, she found the determination and strength to create and run her own business. Journaling played a crucial role in her personal growth and empowerment, inspiring her to offer others the same opportunity to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals in life.

Through Lovendu, Laura aims to provide individuals with the gift of self-discovery and empowerment, enabling them to pursue their aspirations and overcome any limitations. With a deep understanding of the inner work necessary for personal development, Lovendu offers tools and resources to support individuals in their journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.