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Love Unique Personal is a dedicated online marketplace founded by Joanne and her partner Bradley, who also run Love Unique Home. Their shared passion for unique and high-quality gifts led them to establish Love Unique Personal as the go-to destination for personalized items and keepsakes. With a keen eye for detail, they identified a gap in the market and curated a collection of handcrafted, personalized gifts that can be cherished forever.

The Love Unique Personal team tirelessly scours the UK to source the finest products, ensuring that every gift brings joy and becomes a cherished memory. Unlike other marketplaces, Love Unique Personal is highly selective in choosing workshops and partners with the best artisans and craftsmen. This ensures that the website offers a carefully curated selection, making it easier for customers to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Working closely with several small, family-run workshops across the UK, Love Unique Personal provides a platform for these businesses to showcase their unique and personalized items. By partnering with Love Unique Personal, these workshops can grow their businesses while benefiting from the support and collaboration within the Love Unique Personal community. The team collaborates closely with the workshops, constantly designing new products to keep the website fresh and exciting.

Love Unique Personal is committed to helping customers find the ideal gift for every occasion and making the process of running a business alongside family life more manageable. With their extensive range of personalized items and the dedication of their partner workshops, Love Unique Personal ensures that every gift is meaningful, special, and truly unforgettable.