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Founded in 1857 by Alfred and Emma Jones in Bayswater, London, Jones Bootmaker has a rich history in the footwear industry. The pioneering spirit of Alfred Jones was evident through the installation of electric lighting in their retail premises, setting the stage for innovation. As the business flourished, their eleven sons became apprentices and store owners, leading to the establishment of A. Jones and Sons. Notably, the company introduced ready-made shoes in three widths, showcasing their commitment to providing a range of options for customers.

Following the Second World War, Jones Bootmaker experienced significant growth. They expanded their operations by establishing a warehouse in Eastbourne, modernizing existing stores, and opening new branches. The company's rapid retail expansion led to a partnership with Church's Group in 1955, as the demand for their products outpaced production capabilities. In subsequent years, they continued to expand their presence, including the opening of the 'City Bootmaker' shop in Manchester in 1994. In 1996, the company rebranded as Jones Bootmaker, solidifying their position as a reputable footwear retailer.

Over the years, Jones Bootmaker underwent several ownership changes. It was acquired by Prada following Church's Group's acquisition, then sold to a private investor in 2001 and a financial consortium in 2006. In 2010, the Macintosh Retail Group took ownership, and Alteri Investors, supported by Apollo Global Management, acquired the company in 2015. In 2017, Jones Bootmaker faced financial difficulties, but it was saved through a pre-pack administration deal by Endless LLP, preserving seventy-two of their stores. Finally, in February 2018, the chain was purchased by Pavers Shoes, ensuring the continuation of the Jones Bootmaker legacy.