Jimmy's Iced Coffee

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Refreshing, ready-to-drink iced coffee.
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Jimmy's Iced Coffee is a brand specializing in crafting refreshing, ready-to-drink iced coffee beverages. Rooted in a commitment to quality and responsibility, the company sources its coffee beans meticulously and sustainably. Their products are made exclusively from hand-picked, single-origin Arabica coffee beans, certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and carefully sourced from Colombia. This dedication to ethical sourcing resonates in both the flavor of their coffee and the principles they uphold.

Notably, Jimmy's Iced Coffee demonstrates a strong environmental consciousness. The brand's focus on infinitely recyclable packaging underscores their mission to minimize their ecological impact. Pioneering the UK's first resealable, aluminium BottleCan™ and offering 250ml SlimCans, they ensure that all their packaging can be endlessly recycled, embodying their commitment to sustainability.

With a wide presence across the UK and beyond, Jimmy's Iced Coffee brings their refreshing creations to the best fridges. Beyond their products, the brand actively engages its audience on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. Through their online channels, they showcase their product range and convey their positive ethos, as encapsulated in their motivational slogan, "Keep Your Chin Up."