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Hidden Botanics is a thriving floral design studio founded by a creative couple, Mert and their partner. Starting as a passion project in Turkey, they have built a successful business based in Norwich, UK. Their distinct style blends modern and contemporary boho aesthetics, drawing inspiration from Japandi and minimalist trends.

Driven by a love for travel and creativity, Mert and their partner discovered their true calling in the world of flowers. With a focus on dried and artificial arrangements, Hidden Botanics quickly gained recognition for its unique designs and affordability. Mert joined the team full-time, bringing their management skills to ensure smooth operations and personalized packaging of orders.

Sustainability is at the core of Hidden Botanics' values. As vegans, Mert and their partner actively support farmers in Turkey, investing in local flower growth and working towards achieving 100% sustainability. Their creations aim to evoke a sense of calm and harmony with nature, offering beautiful pieces that act as comforting companions. Looking ahead, they aspire to share their knowledge through online educational videos and publish coffee table books showcasing the exquisite flowers they work with. With a passion for growth and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Mert and their partner are excited for the future of Hidden Botanics.