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Hamleys, known as The Finest Toy Shop in the World, has a rich history that began with William Hamley's dream of opening a toy shop in 1760. What started as Noah's Ark quickly became a famous London landmark by 1837, attracting families seeking the ultimate joy-filled experience. The shop's success led to the opening of a new branch on Regent Street in 1881, which expanded to become the largest toy store globally, featuring five floors of toys and captivating displays.

Despite facing challenges during the late 1920s and World War II, Hamleys persevered. Forced to close in 1931, the shop was revived under the ownership of Walter Lines, who worked tirelessly to bring customers back. In 1938, Hamleys received the prestigious Royal Warrant from Queen Mary, marking a significant milestone. The store's resilience was further demonstrated during the war when it endured multiple bombings. The staff, wearing tin hats, continued to serve customers at the shop entrance, ensuring the joy of Hamleys reached the children even in the face of adversity.

Hamleys' legacy continued to thrive, with Queen Elizabeth II granting a second Royal Warrant in 1955. The store's commitment to providing world-class design at affordable prices never wavered. Today, Hamleys remains an iconic landmark at 188-196 Regent Street, offering seven wondrous floors of the best toys and games. As visitors step inside, they enter a world of enchantment, where the spirit of William Hamley's dream lives on, bringing joy and delight to children from all over the world.