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Green Motion International, operating as Green Motion Car Rental, is a global brand and car rental system. With a strong commitment to minimizing its environmental impact, Green Motion began its journey as a company focused on actively reducing its footprint on the planet. The company takes comprehensive measures across all aspects of its operations to reduce environmental harm, including recycling, utilizing renewable energy, and implementing eco-friendly practices.

Green Motion Car Rental ensures the recycling of all accepted materials and prioritizes the recycling of water used for vehicle cleaning. Within its facilities, the company promotes responsible waste management by providing food waste bins in staff areas. Furthermore, Green Motion encourages its customers to make use of recycle zones available at their locations.

In line with its eco-conscious approach, Green Motion employs environmentally friendly and biodegradable chemicals in its operations. The company also actively reduces water consumption by implementing alternative vehicle cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, water capture and recycling, and utilizing waterless cleaning processes whenever feasible.

As a pioneering force in the car rental industry, Green Motion Car Rental continues to prioritize sustainability and strives to make a positive impact on the environment through its responsible practices and dedication to green initiatives.