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FUL is a brand driven by the goal of providing bold and high-performance products that inspire admiration during use. Born out of the dissatisfaction with existing options, FUL set out to create exceptional products that meet the rigorous standards of top salons worldwide while remaining accessible and user-friendly for customers seeking remarkable results. Packed with cutting-edge innovations and groundbreaking ingredients, their journey led them to develop their own line of exceptional products.

In developing FUL, input and testing from over 60 esteemed hairdressers played a vital role. This diverse group included global artists, professionals in product development, and runway hairdressers for renowned fashion brands. By carefully listening, testing, and formulating, FUL ensured that their products met the exacting standards of these industry professionals. Drawing from their rich heritage in hairdressing, FUL takes pride in their ability to deliver outstanding results. They also sought feedback from thousands of hairdressing customers, aiming to understand their needs, identify the shortcomings of existing at-home products, and make professional hair care more accessible for personal use.

At FUL, their mission is to create a brand that is both luxurious and accessible, offering products that not only transform people's appearance but also enhance their self-perception. Every product in their range is formulated with innovative ingredients that go beyond mere aesthetics, ensuring that the formulas deliver exceptional performance. While their products do have delightful fragrances, FUL's focus remains on creating formulas that genuinely work and deliver remarkable outcomes.

With their commitment to excellence, FUL strives to redefine the beauty experience, leaving customers feeling confident and empowered.