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Michelle Feeney, the founder of Floral Street, is a notable figure in the beauty industry with an impressive background. Starting her career in PR, she quickly garnered attention and was recruited by Estée Lauder Companies in New York to work on prestigious brands like Prescriptives and Crème de la Mer. Her expertise led to her promotion as Vice President, Global Communications of MAC Cosmetics, where she played a pivotal role in transforming MAC into the world's largest makeup brand. Michelle spearheaded initiatives such as the MAC AIDS Fund and Viva Glam, showcasing her belief in beauty's potential to create social awareness and drive change.

Returning to the UK, Michelle took on the role of CEO at St Tropez, where she pioneered collaborations with the Princes Trust. She later became the CEO of PZ Cussons Beauty Division before embarking on a career sabbatical. Now, she has returned with Floral Street, a modern British fragrance brand that places sustainability and eco-responsibility at its core.

Michelle's vision for Floral Street is to provide the modern woman with a diverse fragrance wardrobe that allows her to express her multifaceted personality. Inspired by the captivating power of scent since her childhood, Michelle aims to create an array of incredible fragrances tailored to strong, confident, and inquisitive urban British women. Collaboration with one of the best perfumers in the world ensures the highest quality craftsmanship. Accessibility and affordability are also essential aspects of Floral Street, as Michelle believes luxury fragrances should be within reach for all.

Furthermore, Floral Street sets itself apart as an 'up-start' brand, revolutionizing the industry by prioritizing recyclability and sustainability—a first in the fragrance world. Michelle is dedicated to changing the conversation around the use of sexuality to sell scents, rejecting outdated and degrading marketing approaches.