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Founded in 1988 by friends Tim and Jules, FatFace embodies the spirit of adventure and friendship. Faced with a need for money while enjoying their time on the slopes, they devised a plan to print sweatshirts and t-shirts, selling them at night and skiing during the day. Drawing inspiration from the black mountain ski run in Val d'Isère known as La Face, they named their venture FatFace.

At FatFace, the clothing we wear is an integral part of our journey. Our garments are thoughtfully crafted to embrace life and embark on everyday adventures that bring joy. Our distinctive British style is influenced by the world around us. We are committed to making sustainable choices for our products, our planet, and our community. While the journey towards sustainability is ongoing, our latest collection represents our most eco-friendly efforts to date.

With a deep appreciation for the environment and a passion for creating quality clothing, FatFace continues to inspire a sense of adventure and encourage a life well-lived.