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Founded by Rivka in 1974, Faith In Nature is a testament to her deep-rooted connection to nature and her unwavering commitment to its preservation. Growing up in New York City, where green spaces were scarce, Rivka's early fascination with growing avocado seeds ignited a lifelong passion for harnessing the power of nature.

After moving to the UK, Rivka established Faith In Nature as a pioneer in the field of natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products. In those early days, these values were far from mainstream; however, Rivka's dedication and vision set her apart. Faith In Nature is not merely a name but a reflection of Rivka's profound passion for utilizing nature's resources while ensuring their sustainability.

Over the years, Rivka's passion has resonated with countless individuals, and Faith In Nature has become a symbol of conscious living and ethical choices. Today, the brand's philosophy of nurturing a harmonious relationship with nature has gained widespread acceptance. Welcome to the world of Faith In Nature, where the transformative power of nature is embraced, proving that even the smallest connection to the natural world can inspire remarkable change.