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The company takes pride in crafting home hair color from scratch, embracing the belief that individuality should be celebrated rather than conformed. With a mission to disrupt traditional beauty norms, they question why one should match themselves when they can truly be themselves. Using a unique combination of engineering, coding, and radical colorists' expertise, they have turned color into a language and developed an on-demand color dispenser capable of creating over 260,000 unique color combinations.

Distinguishing themselves from generic algorithms, the company's team of expert colorists, hailing from top schools and salons, approach color virtually, disregarding traditional rules to create personalized shades that resonate with each client. They offer guidance and support, available whenever needed. By continuously fine-tuning and gathering feedback, they strive to make every customer's experience perfect and promise "color happiness, guaranteed."

What sets this company apart is their genuine commitment to customization. They do not simply claim "custom," but genuinely produce each hair color uniquely. From the tone, warmth, density, and texture to the processing time and application method, everything is tailored to the individual. It's a true "aha" moment for customers, realizing that this company's dedication goes beyond words; they deliver on their promise by crafting personalized color solutions, one bottle at a time.