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Elvie is driven by the vision of its founder and CEO, Tania Boler, a true champion for women's health. With her expertise as an internationally recognized women's health expert, Tania is dedicated to enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of women and breaking the taboos surrounding women's health. With over 15 years of experience, she has always strived to develop cutting-edge technology that addresses intimate and often overlooked issues faced by women throughout their lives.

Elvie is revolutionizing women's technology and bringing it out of the dark ages. The company offers a range of innovative products designed to empower women and improve their quality of life. These include silicone milk collection cups, a manual, in-bra silicone breast pump, a smart Kegel trainer to strengthen the pelvic floor, and a slimline wearable electric breast pump. By combining technology, design, and expertise, Elvie is transforming the way women approach and manage their intimate health.

At Elvie, the focus is on creating world-class products that meet the unique needs of women. Tania's passion for improving women's lives and initiating open conversations about women's health drives the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. By providing women with accessible and effective solutions, Elvie is empowering them to take control of their health and well-being. Join the movement and embrace the transformative power of Elvie's women-centric technology.