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ECOVACS Robotics, a trailblazing force in smart home robotics, boasts a legacy of over 24 years of pioneering innovation, predating the "Smart Home" trend. Its mission, "Robotics for All," drives a global transformation in human-robot interaction, extending its influence across 145 countries and regions. ECOVACS' visionary journey encompasses a commitment to advancing robotic technologies to foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and robots, bridging lifestyle and production.

The heart of ECOVACS' ethos lies in innovation, underpinned by substantial long-term investments in technology. The company's agile market-oriented strategy yields a steady stream of more than 20 new robotic products annually, each meticulously attuned to the dynamic global market. This innovation is driven by a dedicated team of nearly 1000 engineers and specialists, enabling ECOVACS to create sophisticated, high-quality robotic solutions.

ECOVACS' commitment to cutting-edge innovation echoes throughout its journey, anchored in quality assurance and technological creativity. With over 1200 patents globally, the company's intellectual property portfolio is a testament to its dedication to excellence. ECOVACS' influence extends beyond its home market in China, with robust sales subsidiaries in key markets like Japan, Germany, and the US, as well as a global presence in over 145 countries and regions. As the industry leader in robotic vacuum cleaning, ECOVACS continues to shape the modern living landscape, illustrating the remarkable impact of its mission and innovation.