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Rooted legacy, blossoming across time.
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DutchGrown is guided by the collective vision of two brothers, Ben and Pete, who stand as the driving forces behind the brand. With a deep-rooted familial legacy spanning over 150 years, the story of DutchGrown unfolds across four generations, three centuries, and two continents, colored occasionally by brotherly banter. The result is an esteemed flower bulb export business that has earned a revered place among the Netherlands' oldest and most respected.

Tracing its origins to the year 1882, DutchGrown's narrative takes flight with the great grandfather of Ben and Pete, a figure pivotal in shaping the trajectory of the Rotteveel family. Commencing from humble beginnings on the family bulb farm in the Netherlands, his journey transcended borders as he ventured into bulb sales in Germany, later embarking on a daring transcontinental voyage to New York. Notably, he earned the distinction of being among the pioneering flower bulb exporters from the Netherlands to the USA. The legacy of knowledge and expertise cascaded through subsequent generations, with the grandfather and father of the two brothers seamlessly continuing the tradition of exporting quality flower bulbs while upholding impeccable customer service.

A distinctive hallmark of DutchGrown lies in its personable approach to both business and customer service. While the brand may boast a supporting team behind the scenes, Ben and Pete ensure their active involvement, often directly engaging with customers. When reaching out to DutchGrown, there is a high likelihood that the voice on the other end belongs to one of the brothers, dedicated to addressing inquiries and ensuring customer satisfaction firsthand.