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Decathlon, founded in 1976 as a family-owned company, aims to make top-quality sports products accessible to all. They offer high-performance designs, expert guidance, and affordable prices for customers of all backgrounds and skill levels. With 2080 stores in 56 countries, Decathlon goes beyond being a regular sports retailer, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and sustainability in sports.

Driven by the mission to make sport accessible to everyone, Decathlon takes pride in their in-house brands, allowing them to create, design, and manufacture their products with expertise and innovation. Their team of sports enthusiasts fosters a positive and energetic environment, constantly seeking improvements and positive changes. They believe that sport should not be limited to a privileged few and work towards making it available to all.

Decathlon's commitment to sustainability extends to their product design. They focus on quality, affordability, and simplicity while incorporating eco-friendly initiatives like transforming plastic bottles into running jackets and using natural fabrics. By living up to their mission and values, Decathlon continues to inspire and support individuals in their sports experiences, making sport an accessible and enriching part of their lives.