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Curious Egg, founded in 2015 by Lorraine Aaron, is a platform dedicated to merging art and interior design in what they call "Art First Interiors." Lorraine, an artist and interior designer with a background in creating art for public spaces, brings her expertise and passion to Curious Egg. She studied Fine Art in Scotland, Chicago, and Florence, developing a deep understanding of how art, interiors, and architecture can harmoniously enhance our living and working spaces while promoting well-being.

Driven by her fascination with the interplay between art and interior design, Lorraine established Curious Egg as a means to share her vision and offer unique, soulful interiors that reflect the individuality of each inhabitant. Through their interior design service, Curious Egg aims to create unexpected and captivating spaces that resonate with the personalities of their clients. In addition, they curate and sell artist-designed and handcrafted pieces in their shop, providing one-of-a-kind elements for truly distinctive interiors. Complementing their offerings, Curious Egg also shares inspiring ideas and insights through their blog.

At Curious Egg, the team strives to foster an environment where art and creative thought take center stage in interior design. Their mission is to help people cultivate spaces that are filled with artistry, authenticity, and a deep sense of personal connection. With a warm welcome, Curious Egg invites everyone to embark on a journey of exploration and artistic expression within their own living spaces.