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This company is a leading UK-based all-in-one website builder, established in 2001 as With over 30,000 customers, they have made website creation accessible to individuals, crafters, tradespeople, and small to medium-sized enterprises. Their founder, Simon Kimber, initially developed a content management system for clients to add their own content to websites. Realizing the potential to make website creation simpler and more affordable, he created a platform that allows anyone with a computer, internet connection, and motivation to create a website.

Under the leadership of CEO Rebecca, the company, registered as DoYourOwnSite, experienced steady growth and expanded its operations. In 2009, they rebranded as and developed a powerful yet user-friendly website and ecommerce builder. Their team has grown to 18 professionals and is based in a sustainable development in Brighton, UK, powered by renewable energy sources.'s core mission is to help individuals and small businesses establish a strong online presence. They prioritize customer success and strive to make the website creation process as simple as possible. Their values of sustainability, ethical responsibility, and environmental friendliness guide their operations. With a focus on integrity, honesty, transparency, and thoughtfulness, they aim to empower their customers to achieve their online dreams.