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C247.COM is a trailblazing online tech retail brand that seeks to revolutionize the way UK consumers purchase their mobile devices. Established as a brand 11 years ago, C247® became an independent entity under the Connected247 Ltd umbrella in 2019.

The C247® brand name is an acronym for "Connected247," reflecting the brand's commitment to offer 24/7 connectivity to its customers. C247.COM offers a single point of sale where customers can buy, protect, manage, and fund their devices in a flexible and cost-effective way.

The company sources its devices from leading manufacturers and provides its customers with the best range of mobile devices on the market. With C247.COM, customers can upgrade their devices or change network providers whenever they like, giving them the freedom to make choices that work for them.

At C247.COM, the power always remains with the people, and the brand is dedicated to putting customers back in control of their devices, money, and choices.