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Cold Case Inc is the brainchild of Billy Cross, a web designer and true crime enthusiast hailing from the United Kingdom. Captivated by the mystery and puzzle-solving aspects of real-life unsolved cases, Billy envisioned a more immersive and interactive experience that fully utilized the capabilities of the internet. Motivated by this vision, he established Cold Case Inc, a company specializing in online unsolved case file games.

Utilizing his web design skills, Billy developed a website and game engine that allowed players to access a wide range of documents, evidence, and clues related to the case. The incorporation of social media features further enabled players to engage in discussions and share their theories. Billy's debut game, the Stonewood Mystery, an unsolved murder investigation set in a fictional village in the UK, showcased his passion and expertise in creating engaging and challenging gameplay.

Through extensive research and study of real-life murder cases, Billy ensured that Cold Case Inc's immersive games reflected a high level of detail and realism. His aim is not only to entertain players but also to educate them on the complexities involved in solving murder cases. Continuously striving for improvement, Billy is dedicated to developing new unsolved case files and enhancing the game engine to provide an even more realistic and captivating experience. Cold Case Inc has revolutionized the way people engage with true crime, allowing them to test their detective skills in an innovative and thrilling manner.