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Coco & Coir is a passionate advocate for sustainable gardening, dedicated to embracing environmentally-friendly practices. Their mission is to replace traditional methods with a kinder and greener approach that benefits the planet. Drawing inspiration from the versatile coconut, they have harnessed the potential of the coconut's husk to create a range of products that beautify homes and gardens while reducing carbon footprints. At the heart of their offerings is their high-grade peat-free coir compost, providing a superior and eco-conscious alternative to conventional peat-based options.

The coconut's potential goes beyond nourishing compost. Coco & Coir's collection also includes finely-crafted, sustainable coir doormats that infuse homes with a warm and earthy ambiance. Always at the forefront of innovation, they continually release new coconut-based products, including gardening accessories, that contribute to the cause of greener homes and gardens.

Coco & Coir takes immense pride in delivering top-quality, ready-to-use coir compost or 'coco peat,' carefully tailored to suit various gardening needs. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their doormats and gardening accessories, as they employ only the most efficient and eco-friendly production methods. When Coco & Coir promises sustainability and natural solutions, they wholeheartedly mean it, making them a reliable choice for environmentally-conscious gardeners seeking a greener way to nurture their plants and enhance their living spaces.