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Founded in 2017 by Edward Hancock, cheesegeek emerged as a vibrant venture that traded the corporate world for the aromatic realm of cheese. Fuelled by Edward's passion for cheese, the company embarked on a mission to bring people together through its custom imprinting service. The name "cheesegeek" stands as a testament to Edward's profound enthusiasm for cheese. In its early days, cheesegeek took its first steps by preparing and dispatching cheese orders from Edward's mother's utility room, marking a humble yet significant milestone on its journey.

As cheesegeek progressed, it established itself as a hub for artisanal cheese, earning recognition for its quality and innovation. The introduction of the Kern cheese, which won the Supreme Champ title at the World Cheese Awards, propelled the brand's reputation as a reliable UK supplier. Cheesegeek's commitment to excellence led it to expand its offerings, transitioning from a startup operating from a utility room to securing its own premises. Rich joined Edward as a partner and COO, cementing their shared commitment to the company's growth.

Throughout its evolution, cheesegeek's team grew to include dedicated individuals who shared the company's vision. With the introduction of technology like CASSIE (Cheese Allocation System), cheesegeek streamlined its operations and enhanced its customer service. The brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remained unwavering, even amidst challenges such as the 2020 lockdown, during which artisan cheese emerged as an essential commodity. cheesegeek's growth was marked by expansion into larger premises, a rebrand, and a successful appearance on the television show "Dragons' Den," where they secured investment from entrepreneur Steven Bartlett. Today, cheesegeek continues to spread the joy of artisanal cheese, celebrating milestones and continually striving to deliver quality and innovation to cheese enthusiasts.