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Cannabotech was founded by Elchanan Shaked, who was inspired during his travels to Nepal by local farmers' extraction of medicinal plants and mushrooms. This encounter sparked his interest in the health benefits of mushrooms, leading him to collaborate with Professor Wasser, a renowned mycologist with extensive mushroom research experience. Together, they joined forces with CBD experts, pharmaceutical leaders, and leading scientists to develop a potent blend of premium CBD oil with functional mushrooms, forming the foundation of Cannabotech's products backed by a decade of research.

The company's core mission is to redefine wellness and enhance people's lives through botanical science. They firmly believe that prevention is crucial for overall health and well-being, with the immune system playing a vital role in maintaining good health. Cannabotech's approach centers around preventive care, promoting wellness maintenance and a holistic lifestyle. Their product range is designed to support the body's systems and contribute to overall health and balance.

To achieve their vision of accessible preventive care solutions, Cannabotech relies on a team of world-leading scientists, doctors, and researchers, each bringing a wealth of expertise from various fields. With a collective background in academic and clinical research, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food supplements, and medical experience, the company provides evidence-based solutions for individuals' well-being. Through continuous research and innovation, Cannabotech is dedicated to offering effective and science-backed products to address common wellness and health concerns.