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BOXT is a company dedicated to enhancing the living experience by making homes a better place to live. With a focus on keeping homes warm in winter, cool in summer, and smart all year round, BOXT offers a convenient and fair-priced solution to upgrade homes, allowing customers to focus on what truly matters to them while leaving the rest to the company.

The process begins with customers answering a few simple questions about their homes. If further information is needed, BOXT may request a few photos at a later stage. Based on the provided information, BOXT recommends a range of packages, allowing customers to compare brands and prices and choose the one that suits them best. They also have the flexibility to select an installation date, with the option to receive a discount for choosing a less busy day. Payment can be made either through monthly finance options or upfront using the secure online payment system.

Customers can expect the delivery of their BOXT package by courier, typically on the morning of the scheduled installation day. The installer, a fully qualified and experienced professional, will arrive between 7.30 and 9.30am. Guided by the customers' requirements and BOXT's expertise, the installer will proceed to fit the chosen package. Throughout the process, customers can expect friendly and professional service from the BOXT team, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.