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Founded in 1951 by Alexander Irwin, Bedeck has transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. What began as the artful embellishment of handkerchiefs has evolved into a service that people worldwide rely on to bring uniqueness to their homes. Bedeck's commitment to offering customers time and choice has become an integral part of their ethos. Whether shopping online or visiting their outlet, concession, or flagship stores, Bedeck always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Setting themselves apart from other bedlinen providers, Bedeck maintains an in-house textile design studio, where a talented team of visionary creatives engages in painting, drawing, printing, and weaving. Their designs inspire a growing community of design enthusiasts through their exclusive brand portfolio. Attention to detail is at the core of Bedeck's creations and curated homewares. They curate the best that the world of design has to offer, selecting pieces they would be proud to have in their own homes. Quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship ensure satisfaction with every product, reflecting the essence of one's individuality.

Bedeck is driven by inspiration, not only in their creations but also in their relationships with suppliers and partners. They proudly support talented craftspeople who possess ancient, inherited knowledge and techniques. Bedeck values their work and insists on collaborating with companies that treat their employees fairly and with kindness. By fostering a culture of inspiration, Bedeck continues to be a trusted source for those seeking exceptional design, quality, and a touch of uniqueness in their homes.