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Beanstalk is a newly launched family saving app developed by the experienced team behind KidStart, a renowned free shopping club for parents that rewards them with money for their children's shopping. With a decade of success in helping families save millions of pounds across more than 2,000 retailers, KidStart has identified the broken state of the savings market for kids, leading to the creation of Beanstalk.

Through their extensive experience, the team at Beanstalk recognizes the strong desire among parents to save for their children's future. However, they also understand the challenges parents face in taking action. With increasing financial burdens on children, such as university fees, housing costs, and the rising cost of living, parents find it difficult to navigate the complex savings landscape and make informed decisions.

Moreover, the existing products available in the market often fall short in terms of value, affordability, and flexibility. Many parents opt to keep their savings in cash, unaware that low-interest rates and inflation can erode its long-term value. Beanstalk aims to address these issues by providing a user-friendly platform that empowers parents to make informed saving choices for their children's future, offering better value and greater financial security.