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Balance Box is a renowned diet delivery service that offers deliciously healthy and convenient meals. Founded by Jennifer over eighteen years ago, the company aims to provide a balance between tasty food and a healthy lifestyle. With a team of dedicated nutritionists and chefs, Balance Box delivers tailor-made meals to private clients in and around London. They prioritize ethically sourced ingredients, including free-range chicken and sustainable seafood, while avoiding unnecessary preservatives and additives. By combining their wealth of knowledge, strong ethics, and high integrity, Balance Box ensures superior and nutritionally balanced dining experiences for their clients.

As the success of their initial venture, The Pure Package, grew, Jennifer saw the opportunity to introduce a new member to the healthy food delivery family, leading to the creation of Balance Box. The team's dedication to quality extends beyond the ingredients they choose; they also source locally and organically whenever possible. Their goal is to help clients feel healthier, achieve weight loss, and save time by providing delicious meals designed with nutritional balance in mind. While they deliver nationwide, there are a few areas they are unable to reach due to delivery restrictions from out-of-London couriers.

The Balance Box team, including Jennifer, has poured their passion into developing the concept, crafting the recipes, and even designing the packaging that holds their meals. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they are excited to bring their exceptional dining experience to more people. Balance Box is committed to providing superior meals that nourish the body while delivering on taste, convenience, and health. By choosing Balance Box, clients can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated team and their expertise in creating meals that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.